6 Best alternatives to the .com domain for your Website

If we ask you to name any five websites right now, we can’t be 100% certain what are they going to be. However, we can guarantee three out of five of them will end in the .com extension. As far as domain names go, they simply cannot be topped; .com reigns supreme.

Why do people want “.com” in the first place?

  • The .com domain sounds more reputable. Alternatives to .com may be too unfamiliar and confusing to non-tech-savvy users.
  • You can easily remember .com. Because most people use ‘.com’ to access most of their favorite websites, they may have difficulty remembering other TLDs.
  • This can enhance the authority of your website. “.com” domains tend to be regarded as more prestigious than other TLDs in many cases. This is even truer if you use a TLD that sounds gimmicky, such as .fun or .xyz.
Why .com

For this reason, if you have an idea for a domain name and there is a “.com” available for it, we recommend you take it. Before doing this, you may wish to consider a few factors.

Is your domain name short enough?

There might also be a downside to the popularity of “.com”. Due to the exceeding need for a “.com” domain name, there are many names that aren’t altogether memorable. It would be best if your domain name was “falano.com” and not “diskanokochorafalano.com“. What is the point of making a website if your audience can’t even remember the name of your site?

Avoid long names

It is possible that wanting a “.com” will do more harm than good to your website.

Your focus should be having a short and memorable name instead of just a “.com”.

Check your name on social media

You need to use the same brand name across all social media platforms. You don’t want your audience to be lost when they switch from one social media to other. So, while “.com” might give your audience a sense of trust, having inconsistent branding across the internet will make it all a lost cause. We can’t stress this enough, having consistent branding across the internet is way more important than having a URL that ends with “.com”.

Social Media Availability

Even if it means not having your URL end with a “.com”, we suggest you choose to have a consistent name throughout the internet.

Is  “.com” even relevant to your site?

“.com” is not always relevant

Sometimes, it is easy to forget what “.com” actually is. At the time that the Domain Name System was implemented in January 1985, the domain was among the original top-level domains (TLDs) on the Internet, along with .edu, .gov, .mil, .net, .org, and .int. “.com” stood for commercial. Originally used for commercial sites, it soon started gaining popularity as a general-purpose TLD.

Even so, some websites are still not suitable for “.com”. If you are running an educational foundation, it is better if you focus on getting a ” .edu” for your website as it is only available to educational institutions. This will not only make your website trustworthy but is also relevant to the work you do.

In the case of a nonprofit, it is a mistake to use a “.com” instead of a “.org”. Moreover, these actions will create doubt in your audience about your non-profit organization, as well as tarnish your reputation.

“.com” for Local Business Website

Local Biz

If you are a local business running inside the country, paying extra to get a “.com” is not suggested. The truth is that the search engines don’t care about most TLD; technically, all of them are the same. So if you can find a “.com.np” for your business and not a “.com” it is absolutely fine.

Furthermore, we suggest you take both domain names to avoid any forgery. Who knows your brand might hit the international market and you might need location-based TLDs soon.

And before you ask, every local business needs a website.

Here are a few alternatives to “.com”


It is as old as .com domains. Even though it is not as popular, this particular TLD has a lot to offer. Due to its familiarity, web users usually view .net domains as trustworthy.

In technical terms, .net domains are reserved for organizations that focus on networking. Nowadays, people use .net domains for a variety of purposes. We conclude that .net is a good choice if com is not available if you want to sound authoritative.


A country-code TLD such as .co is a unique TLD that was adopted by the rest of the world. .co corresponds to Colombia. Furthermore, the TLD is only one letter away from .com alternatives, making it appealing as an alternative to com.

If a .com domain is already taken, you might want to consider a .co domain. The TLD looks similar, and because it’s short, it’s easy to remember. There is just one downside to .co, which is its similarity to .com, which might make users confuse them and visit the wrong website.


Technically, this is a country-specific TLD, which is assigned to a specific region. .io is the abbreviation for British Indian Ocean Territory. A domain extension with such a restricted scope should’ve faded into oblivion like many others. Despite these setbacks, the TLD quickly gained popularity within the tech community and several online services. A .io domain is an excellent choice for tech websites, as it can add a bit of ‘coolness’ factor and make it stand out from .coms.

They tend to be rather expensive, which is the only downside to this TLD.


It’s a great website option if you can’t get your hands on a .com, since it stands for business. The domain name conveys the message that you mean business and will not be taken lightly. Additionally, if you already have a .com name available to your site you can use the .biz page to take business inquiries.


If you want to build a brand around yourself, you’ll like the Montenegro country code! On plus side, this makes the website feel more personal.

Another option is .guru. The third option is .expert. The new ones were introduced recently.


Finally, even if you get your hands on the “com” domain for your site, we would highly suggest you purchase the “com. np” as well. This will help avoid forgery of your brand name within the country. “com.np” can be a great option for local running businesses as they are cheap and people will trust your website as well. It really is a win-win.

Think outside the box and go beyond “.com”.

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