Photos Nepal

To fulfill the need for pictures with Nepali faces and textures, we are on a mission to bring a platform that will constitute the participation of the Nepali tradition and culture through photos.

What is PhotosNepal?

Photos Nepal, a professional stock image website, is a platform working on providing all the essentials that any digital visual medium needs. Exclusive for Nepali content, Photos Nepal plans to bring commercialization in the use of Photographic content in the Nepali context.

Why PhotosNepal?

  • To stand out with Nepali pictures for Nepal.
  • As an alternative to the common practise of monotonously used contents.
  • To raise the standard of contents used in Nepali websites
  • To bring common Nepali faces to a stock image platform.
  • Instant source of medias featuring Nepali skin.

Why Your Participation?

YOU are the face of PhotosNepal. Your presence is the essence.

You, your ethnicity, your culture, your traditions, and your values are carried with your presence.

And that’s what PhotosNepal is all about!

What PhotosNepal Offer?

We are the platform for you!

  • Free professional Photo coverage
  • Chance to feature in our stock image site
  • Modelling experience
  • Chance to be a permanent face for PhotosNepal
  • Featuring your own profile-portfolio through the website.

Interested yet?

Just imagine what would happen when Nepali websites and platforms use their own creations and you will be that essence.

To participate fill-up the form below:

45 hrs


Ishant Sitaula
NRs. 50000