Website in 2021, are you better off without one?

Many websites and applications on the internet can be used to promote your brand, business, or even yourself. In addition to Instagram, Tiktok, Blog, and Medium, there are several other increasingly popular ways of doing so. People will even tell you that maintaining a site isn’t worth the effort or cost.

Nevertheless, the question remains- Do we really need a website now?

The answer really varies from who you are and whom you ask. Consider these factors before making your choice.

Is social media a viable alternative?

Comparision of Website and Social Media

This might be a no-no if you want to sell your work online as an artist. There are two very good reasons for this:

Throughout their timelines on social media, your product might not appear for purchase.

Even if they like your product enough to consider buying it. You might not have enough creditability on your social media page. By having an online presence, you can establish credibility and optimize it for search engines.

You can even automate the process by setting up an online cart. However, if you are a young artist who wishes to gain some exposure as well as some contacts. Starting with social media before going full-scale would be a good idea.

For Freelancers

It is highly recommended that freelancers have their own websites. However, we would like to offer a different perspective. To thrive as a freelancer, you must get a website, but you shouldn’t invest in one right away. Additionally, you can access many other sites mentioned above. Your portfolio can be displayed on Linkedin, Medium, Behance, and many more places.

Creating a website that places your best foot forward is not easy, and it is harder still to launch one as a freelancer. Surely there is no harm in creating a site and learning as we grow. Our view is that a bad website is worse than no website at all.


Therefore, until you have tested the waters as a freelancer, why don’t you take advantage of sites that cater to your work more. To avoid losing leads, you need to know when to launch your website.

As soon as you have completed your contact list and got work flowing, now might be an ideal time to build an SEO-friendly and automated site. A great online presence is necessary once work starts flowing. Focus on the great.

For Local Business

As a local business owner, your site is generally not considered to be a necessity. But in 2021 and forward, that definitely won’t be the case. Having an optimized site is imperative for appearing in search results-especially since studies have shown people tend to search for things in their local areas using their computers or mobile devices.

Local Biz Discussion

Search engines are used by 4 out of 5 consumers to find local information. One more good reason to have a website for your local business would be Google ranks local businesses higher when mobile devices are used by searchers. According to Google, a user searching on their mobile phone is most likely on the go, and, in turn, searching for a business nearby. Hence, local businesses are favored by mobile search engines

Does your Competitor have one?

In the end, you really must focus on quality and competition when you are in the market. As a result, there must be a site if your business is growing. Since your competitors already have sites, there is no option but to have your own. By having a great online presence, you increase credibility and generate more leads.

You can think of your site as a dedicated employee who works 24×7 to promote your company at the lowest cost. Your site lets people know how to get in touch with you once they locate your product or service online, become interested, and want to know more. This increases your sales as more people learn about your products or services online. Even though sites cost money, when used correctly, they can generate a positive ROI.


No matter what social media or site comes forward as the next great thing to happen for the online market, you will need to have an online presence sooner or later. If you plan to establish a business that is greater than yourself, you will need a website. If you want to work comfortably and break free from the repeated cycles of answering FAQs, you will need a site.

We know the little voice that you have in your head is saying one of the following:

  • I’m not tech-savvy
  • They’re too expensive
  • I don’t have the time
  • I have enough business already

Now is the best time to silence them:

Your business will generate more revenue and new customers

No matter where you are, your website will be accessible 24/7. During and outside of business hours, a website acts as an advocate for your business.

Having a site instantly adds credibility to your business

With a well-designed website, you can make a very strong first impression of your business. Adding credibility to your business.

You don’t have to worry about the costs or the difficulty of it

It doesn’t take a tech guru to run a successful website. The use of website builders, WordPress, and other platforms allow you to easily set up a good website. Furthermore, Zookti can help you get from good to great without any trouble.

The time you’ll save is well worth it

You can save yourself that time by answering common customer questions and concerns through your website. Additionally, you can automate and systemize many tedious and manual tasks.

Ensure your brand is in your hands and position yourself accordingly

Having customers write their own narratives is one of the most exciting things about building a website. Platforms enable you to find the kind of customer you want.  Building a website allows you to control your brand online and build connections organically.

So do you need a good website or a great website?

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