Brand Name: How to Come Up With a Great One

Dreams pave the way to success. Working on commitment and hard work will come in second as you progress in your endeavors. Yet, it starts with that one dream.

Your vision relies on you and the endurance that you take to form yourself.

Bhatbhateni is a household name for many Nepali people. It is a Supermarket founded by Mr. Min Bahadur Gurung. There is so much recognition and loyalty to the brand among customers that you don’t have to point out that it’s a supermarket. Just the brand name is enough for you to know.

That is the role of a Brand name within the process of creating a brand. The Vision needs a suitable name that people can embrace and connect to.

What is the formality of a Brand Name?

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There is no standardized way of describing how a Brand name should be. Rules, if any, are meant to be played with – In a good way.

Several instances when Names without any key points won the hearts of thousands around the world are enough to not confine oneself by any rules.

Nevertheless, to paint the picture of what the brand name carries and how it should be:

  • Stick to Your Point with the name suggesting what you are and what you want to offer. Make it an insight that the name suggests exactly what you are.
  • Try to Touch Emotions with the concept that you are trying to offer. If you can turn heads of even 50 % of the crowd, you are good to go.
  • Catch the melody that you want to set with. Having a name that repeats itself is certainly a great marker for your fame.
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  • Go for Simplicity to make the name easier for your people. You do not want people confused and stammering just to say your name. If you have gone for a long name, make it an impactful one. Your faithful audience will learn to remember with some sweet short form for it.
  • Remember to recognize that your name needs to be floating amongst your audience. Thinking out of the box is essential but don’t overdo it so much that nobody even knows what it means.
  • Go for Nepali Words that can connect you with your audience. Try twisting the simple classic words with wordplay that general people know about and build on top of it. In time, it can be something that will help you get in as a household name.

Take the Adventure for your Brand Name

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Go through these efforts to conjure your magical Name.

“A brand is the one that can stay connected to the general people”.

Create your Identity and lay it down with your words

Since you are just starting, you should associate yourself as the channel to reach the people. Learn what your principles are, what do you wish to contribute that you know will make you a trustworthy person. Now say the same thing to your audience. Choose the words that define your ideas.

Make a note of who you are speaking to

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The audience and the market you will create as a Brand is a huge crowd of unknown circumstances. The risks and cloud of uncertainty are always a part of any new tasks. Do what needs to be done to balance the outcomes, get your audience, and prepare your results. Whether you have to change your tone, the value you have set aside for the creation of the weight of emphasis. Do it. So that your audience and your competition will help you understand what you will need to make an impact.

Make a bulk of ideas

Create a list of many names that fit into your creative head. There is no boundary for your creativity here, you can always filter them out later. First, get the names out and into the paper or your screen. These ideas will be the key to your understanding that you are getting somewhere in search of the Brand name. The name you want may not come easy to you, but when it does, be sure it’s the one.

Make a linguistic exploration of your name

Your word choice for the idea needs to be checked to find if you have gone awry with it. The background check helps you to know what the name means in any other language. There can be cases where it can be an offensive or embarrassing term in a different part of the world. Make sure you do not tick off anyone.

Check the Availability of your Name

After going through the long adventure, you have come up with the Brand name that you are set to firmly believe in. But first, you need to be sure that you are the first one who came up with it. So, checking for the Availability of the name is a must process. It can be for Domain, Trademark, or copyright conditions. Once, go through it all to make sure that your creativity was a unique one.

Domain Name

Check if your name is available for your domain too. To select the name and have it proudly displayed over the online platform, you need to make sure that you are the sole head that came up with it. Make sure that the slot is available for your Brand to have its Domain.

Social Media Availability

Your name might have some resemblance to some other existing Brands that have set their ground on Social Media platforms before you. You might have just missed the boat at the last second. So, as soon as you are satisfied with your name, make sure that no other Brand has tried grappling at it. It also helps you to stay on the safe side from any copyright claims to the name if you tick this point.

Reach out and test Your Brand Name

Among the names that you have chosen to be the candidate, start testing the value of the name through the reaction of your audience and potential customers. You can choose social media platforms to reach out to people and learn which Name will gain more popularity.

While at it, take surveys from the delegates of the field. Online forms and credentials to ask opinions about the Brand Name can easily be done.

Now, Incorporate your name with your business plans and strategy. You found the perfect Brand name that you will back up with as much force as you can muster to make your vision a reality. Once you are set on that base that you helped to grow, everything will fall into the right place as you take the steps to get your name out there. A company’s Brand Identity will be determined by how it creates an experience for its audience and target audience.

For that, your core Values and your Brand Representation with the text font, color, designs, along with a captivating tagline resembling the slogan will visualize what you are all about. All the components need to be a flow that does justice to your Brand Name.

The Adventure just does not stop here. You have begun your visionary path with the establishment of your Brand. The next episode about making it the Brand will take you through many more stories.

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