Bishnu Rijal

The heart of gold and the thoughts of a visionary.’
That’s just the subtle introduction to the personal website of Bishnu Rijal.
There is much more to find inside.


Bishnu Rijal, the man who has made an impact on the Nepali Political and Literary field with his expert words, is the force behind It was launched in 2021. 

A comprehensive collection of his works, as well as updates of the overall information, has been gathered on this platform. From his party movements to personal stories, the site is a place to be that teaches inspiration to the readers and general public. 

The Process and Insight

  1. The Challenge

With the approach of having a personal website that can function as an official document log, the site took off with the planning phase. As the site was to portray an individual, it was closely regulated with our client and efficiently built from scratch. The challenge was to incorporate all the valuable works and make them functional in view of all the visitors.

  1. Strategic Approach

With the initial framework of the website, we basically set to work to redefine the personal image that the site had to reflect. In the process, the different sections were individually built with future functionality in detailed attention.

  1. Piecing it together

With the website in its form, the next step was to fill the contents that were already on the Internet around various platforms. So, we worked on bringing it all together in one place. And alongside, the development work was finalized.

  1. Functionality

In the context of bringing out the visual presentation, the functionality of the elements was given custom attention. Everything that was collected as data preparation had to be presented as a work of satisfaction that went smoothly with the eyes. The articles and the images associated had to have a great Interface, and that was executed successfully.

  1. Tools and Technologies

To organize the collected data, the WordPress CMS tool has been used. All the updates that have been regularly pushed out as information and articles have been worked on with the WordPress tools. Properly optimized content and images have colored the website with both English and Nepali Language-based technological proficiency.

Website Design

Website design has been played around with the image of personal branding. To highlight the personality and the motive of the project, Content that executes the thoughts and the works have been highlighted.

The Brand color has been laid out around the website with eye-catching white with the balancing black for the text and a hint of red for the brand image and identity. To mix it all together, the custom designs have been created as an essence of the Brand and its background.


With the execution and launch of the valuable project, the client got the website of a personal brand that has been the platform for his works and statements. From holding all the social news and information to the articles, he has been wielding the best results out of it.

To work on this project of importance that covers the background from politics to literature along with the personal essence in the website, we feel that we have achieved a proud website on our mantel!

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Ishant Sitaula
NRs. 50000
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