JB maru group

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः

The establishment that contributed to the nation’s development towards flourishment. 


JB Maru Group, a head company of the different brands under its umbrella corporation is a leading industrial company. They have ventured with time and growth in different fields of production with excellence. The company has flourished as a drive of Father and Sons’ vision to create an impact for the good of everyone. The Commercial Industrial movement executed by the company throughout its long history has played a huge role in the country’s self-reliance in production.

For the Website development of the JB MARU Group, we got to work with them and launch it successfully.

The Process and Insight

  1. The Challenge

To match the image of the brand, a website that consisted of each and every aspect of showcasing a brand needed to be created. The goal was set with targeted customers in mind, who were to find all the information needed within the website. 

  1. Strategic Approach

A strategy was laid out, with the plan to gather the information with research and site visits through which images, videos, and the background of the company were learned. With it, the development process took place following consultations with the client.

  1. Piecing it together

The next step, of executing the website was initiated with fulfilling contents, visually and textually to bring brand recognition to the website. With the product website ready, we got into finalizing the brand identity of the website concerning the client representative. And then launched with the client’s brand domain website.

  1. Functionality

To corporate with all the products and companies under the website, the execution needed to be smooth and functional. The next part of our work was focused on making the execution of all the relative terms and justifying it with proper user experience and designs.

  1. Tools and Technologies

The content management of WordPress was used to update posts and contents for the website. Built with the customized development process, everything was arranged and placed to bring the visually grabbing and conceptually speaking terms of the brand into execution. The content was pushed out regularly with the information regarding all the companies and their doings in an easy and efficient way.

Website Design

For the designing part of the website, the whole website was redesigned from its initial state with the update in branding. A new logo was designed with a portrayal of the company’s values. The color composition was transformed to suit the newly formed image. Individual branch companies were also branded with new logo designs.

The brand identity was placed with a purple and gold shade of prosperity, with the text color as black, and highlights of red.

Each component and block were marginally analyzed and edited. 


With everything done, the Brand website of JB MARU Group was launched successfully with a satisfied expression. With the effort and collaboration of both parties, the website took the turn for the better with better functionality and components. All the company functions and information collected on one website has made the search easier for any customers and the management of the website has also been made easier.

We have had a valuable and proud experience of working with the JB Maru Team and achieved a new statement on our mantel!

45 hrs


Ishant Sitaula
NRs. 50000
45 hrs

WordPress Theme Development

Ishant Sitaula
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