Naya Car is the vision of the founder, Mr. Bhagya Neupane, that provides information related to Cars in Nepal which was launched in 2021.

Naya Car consists of overall details of popular brands and a complete overview that can excite a car enthusiast. It is a perfect guide for any new buyers for learning about what and how to choose between a lot of options in the market.

The Process and Insight

1. The Challenge

To provide the insights of maximum cars and their features in an effective manner the website needed to have a perfect user experience. With all the components intact it had to be proven with speed and deliverance. 

2. Strategic Approach

To get the website to its form, we built took the form of giving a perfect design to match its mission. We implemented the website design to create an alluring space of a matching vibe associated with the car. It was made light with optimization for a boost of speed. And cross-platform responsiveness was paid to details.

3. Piecing It Together

With the appearance design ready, we layered the website with content and visuals to make it ready for the Client Parties. 

4. Functionality

The website consists of a comparing tool for any users to compare in between 2 or 3 cars. It gives the price and features with Pros and Cons included.

For each brand and its model, the website produces the liable result and the user can easily put down the desired model to get the complete information with testaments included.

Tools and Technologies

We integrated the website with categorization from price to type. It has been systematically managed with design and categorization that fits in with the comparing tool. 

Website Design

For the design, we selected the color palette of a shady black with a highlighted red hint as to the logo. The overall website color features a bright background with black font letters. It was set to keep it informative and easy to understand.

The pictures and Illustrations were put up with the reference model pictures that convey the message and vision for any car lover.


As an informative guide for not just a car buyer but a whole crowd of car lovers has been congratulated with Naya Car. The website achieves the result of being not just a car review and information, but also the motivation for any enthusiastic personality to go for it. It has proved to be a helpful platform to analyze between the real deal and the scams.

It has been a pleasure to do business with such a project as Naya Car!

45 hrs


Ishant Sitaula
NRs. 50000