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Nepalinames is a collection of all Nepali names and their meanings originating from all around the country. To explain the names and their background of verification, it provides blog articles too. 

‘Nepali Names’ is the concept of providing names that are connected to the roots of our country, from the old to the next generation. 

Key Achievements

Organic search traffic


Total names


Name search growth

5%+ per day

The Process and Insight

  1. The Challenge

It was a huge project. To begin with, with what the motive had to be, the website needed a data organization module to perfect the execution and display it as a modern library of names.

We had to process the database collection of names for the function of the tools for the name generator. To bring the best yielding result, the functionality had to be kept to its expertise.

  1. Strategic Approach

We built the website with the audience in mind and experimented with the form of collecting the database of names. WIth the forwarded inputs and the execution of it, created an outlook that we could build upon. 

  1. Piecing It Together

The collection of names was operated regularly, and with that, the website was launched. To make the best of the collection, we built the content strategy to help the names and categories that the audience would keenly notice. And hence, the Blog section was built.

  1. Functionality

The website consists of the key features of the names collection with their meanings. It even has a random name generator and a name combiner tool as a useful attraction.

Tools and Technologies

The website was completely built with functional features and a grand collection of names using .NET 5. WordPress Content Management System was used to manage the blog section.

Website Design

Nepali names’ meanings and their translations make it easier for anyone to understand them instantly. To arrange that we built a design that could cover the transition from name lists and meanings and their corresponding blog article blocks.

We selected bright and easy-to-read layout colors with light purple and pink as the highlight. The core instinct was targeted towards the parents of the newborn child. Bright resonates perfectly with the best perspective of looking forward to a life with their child. It was created with the motive to spread that positive happiness.

An illustration of a boy and girl was created, that went with the mission component of the website.

The Result has reached a mass audience in an unexpected turn of events. What started out as a collective library for names, has reached the audience who have embraced the experience in quite an overwhelming way. The traffic of the website has pushed the expectations through miles.

We are proud that we could give the best through Nepalinames and its development!

45 hrs


Ishant Sitaula
NRs. 50000
45 hrs

WordPress Theme Development

Ishant Sitaula
NRs. 30000